'SNL': Debbie Downer Returns to Ruin Wedding With Coronavirus Fears

With the coronavirus outbreak threatening the nation, it was an opportune time for Saturday Night Live to bring back Debbie Downer, with former cast member Rachel Dratch reprising her role as the series’ resident party pooper.

During a lively wedding reception, Debbie enters wearing an over-the-top face mask. “Unfortunately, with COVID-19, you can display no symptoms and still be wildly contagious,” she tells her tipsy table mates, including guest host Daniel Craig.

Craig’s Uncle Gary then offers Debbie a drink to loosen her up. “I don’t want to drink too much. Last time I drank, I was almost #MeToo’d,” she explains.

“I was on one of those ‘just lunch’ dates and choked on a crouton. My date had to give me the Heimlich. He clearly thought the bottom of my ribcage was much higher. Hashtag #NotBuyingIt.”

When the main course is served and the guests are about to eat, Downer asks Table 9, “How do you guys feel about Trump?”

Season 45 has witnessed the welcome return of Dratch to SNL, with the 16th-best SNL cast member of all time also playing Amy Klobuchar in a handful of Democratic debate sketches.

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