SNL Video: Oscar Isaac Is a Singing Skin Tag in Digital Short You Can't Unsee

Do you like sketches with singing? How about sketches with meatballs? Maybe you prefer sketches about horrifying, anthropomorphic skin tags? Well, hopefully you like all three — and hopefully you like them all at once — because that’s what Saturday Night Live served up this weekend.

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The sketch — featuring Sarah Sherman and Chris Redd cuddling up on a couch — starts with hints of the classic horror story about the girl with the green ribbon on her neck. You know the one where it turns out that when she unties it, her head falls off? This sketch is like that. Sort of.

Here, Sherman pulls off the ribbon to reveal a singing meatball on her neck played by the show’s guest host, Oscar Isaac. Imagine a nightmarish goiter singing like Andy Kaufman’s character from Taxi. Got that image in your head? Good, because it’s never going to leave.

Redd is very understanding, that is, until he notices a second meatball played by Aidy Bryant. And the meatball versions of Andrew Dismukes on tambourine and Melissa Villaseñor on triangle. Kenan Thompson adds bass to the growing chorus, Bowen Yang’s meatball harmonizes while eating cheese, and a second, miniature version of Sherman just… vomits black bile.

If you were hoping for one of those bouncy-ball singalong numbers set in a psychedelic animated world, then you are in luck and also you are a deeply, deeply weird person. Speaking of deeply, deeply weird, the show’s musical guest, Charlie XCX, plays a keytar in Sherman’s armpit. And because even as a meatball, XCX is both beautiful and persuasive, Redd decides to stay.

Unsurprisingly, this sketch leaves us with more questions than it answers. How did this get made? How did they convince Isaac to be in it? Will there be a sequel to this sketch where we meet the other three meatballs that XCX sings about? Can we ever again see someone wearing a scarf or turtleneck sweater without humming, “EEEEEE-OO-LAH-OO-AH-DIGGA DAH,” under our breath?

Grade Issac’s hosting debut in the following poll, then hit the comments with your reactions to “Meatballs.”

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