Spoilers: Gary arranges Ali's death after learning Maria's Corrie sex secret?

Gary Windass (Mikey North) is set to be left seething in Coronation Street when Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) takes great pleasure in telling him that something is going on between his fiancée Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) and her ex Ali Neeson (James Burrows).

When Maria thought that Gary was up to no good himself, she opened up to Ali, who admitted that he still loved her and had made a mistake in letting her go. They spent the night together but Gary then proposed to Maria and she realised that her suspicions were misplaced.

She has wanted Ali to keep his mouth shut, despite him warning her off dangerous Gary and insisting that they could have a future together. As Adam’s wedding to Gary’s ex Sarah (Tina O’Brien) dawns, Adam rubs it in Gary’s face which prompts him to tell a delighted Maria that he wants to set a date.

But after marrying Sarah and preparing to head off on honeymoon, Adam can’t resist a parting shot. Having duped Ali into admitting that something happened between him and Maria, Adam gloatingly drops a bombshell on Gary.

Gary is instantly furious and confronts Ali’s brother Ryan (Ryan Prescott). Fearing for Ali’s safety, a nervous Ryan denies that anything will have happened before then warning Ali that Gary suspects him and he just saved his skin.

But Gary isn’t as easily convinced as Ryan had hoped. After bumping into Sharon during a furniture removal job and being tempted to rejoin her life of crime for the cash, Gary rings her up for a favour in exchange for Rick’s book of contacts. But what does he want Sharon to do and how much danger is Ali in?

Meanwhile, an oblivious Maria sits happily with Gary and tells him that she can’t wait to get married to him, unaware that there is darkness stirring within him once more.

One to watch: Friday 6 March at 7:30pm on ITV.

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