Spoilers: The Dingles are torn apart by two devastating secrets in Emmerdale

The Dingle clan in Emmerdale are without a doubt one of soap’s strongest, but there’s plenty of conflict for the iconic family in the coming episodes, as — upon Marlon Dingle’s (Mark Charnock) release from prison — he discovers a shocking secret about Charity (Emma Akins), which inadvertently leads to yet another revelation coming to light.

Marlon revels in being a free man once more — and he’s genuinely touched by the support and love of his friends. The ‘Free Marlon’ campaign was a roaring success, and highlighted just how much the Dingle clan think of him.

That is, until Marlon comes to discover the truth about Charity’s location on the night in which Graham (Andrew Scarborough) died. Yes, viewers know that Charity resolved to get revenge on Ryan’s (James Moore) behalf and thus stole his money.

He’s fuming, and thus he makes The Woolpack landlady reveal that she withheld important evidence — evidence that could’ve freed him — to all of the Dingles.

However, that’s not the only bombshell that Marlon has to come to terms with, as he later learns that there’s a possibility that Kim may have hired someone to kill Graham.

Feeling unable to trust anyone, he forces Mandy (Lisa Riley) to move out, before revealing that he’s done with all of the Dingles.
Is this really the end for the Dingle clan?

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