Stacey Solomon’s baby Rex causes chaos on Loose Women as he interrupts, blocks her mic and throws her drink on the floor – The Sun

LOOSE Women's return today was interrupted in the best possible way when Stacey Solomon's baby Rex stole the spotlight.

The adorable baby was happily having his lunch while mum Stacey appeared on today's special show in tribute to the NHS – but it wasn't long until he made a splash of own.

As Stacey began speaking about how she is coping during lockdown, Rex could be heard giggling off camera and Nadia couldn't resist and asked Stacey to bring him into shot.

Stacey said: "I haven’t mastered routines. Sorry Rex is next to me having his lunch if you hear him.

"I feel we’re lucky in lockdown. I feel really privileged to be in lockdown with my family, and with a garden.

"It’s not easy homeschooling two children and a baby but it’s much easier than being on the frontline, or in a dangerous household or being alone.

"I’ve definitely had times where I’ve felt anxious and alone and I need my mum."

Pulling Rex onto her knee, Stacey tried to praise her youngest but as she said how much of a good baby he was – he knocked her drink over.

She said: "It was his first easter, but I feel lucky because he’s such a good baby. Oh he’s just thrown my drink over.

"I just feel lucky because I know so many people who are struggling."

But as Stacey carried on speaking no-one could hear her as cheeky Rex blocked her mic, and then Stacey lost her earpieace while trying to wrangle him.

Viewers were utterly charmed by Rex's appearance with one writing: "stacey and rex on loose women i am crying"

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