‘Stop bullying!’ Naga and Charlie spark BBC fury for ‘confrontational’ grilling of health

BBC Breakfast: Director of Public Health gets grilled about festivals

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Presenters Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt came under fire on Thursday morning on BBC Breakfast after “unnecessarily” grilling their guest Thara Raj, The Director of Public Health for Warrington. Speaking on the current Covid climate and how upcoming festivals will manage the safety of the public, Naga and Charlie irked some viewers as they appeared to push a little too hard on Thara.

Charlie began with a barrage of questions: “How good do you think the checking is for example around whether people have had two jabs whether they have had a test?

“How sure can you be that people going to these venues that are relying on you to operate safely?

“How secure do you think you can make it because there’s always going to be people who want to go who couldn’t afford the test, some who didn’t want to bother there’s always going to be some people in the mix, most people are going to try and be responsible?”

Thara began to explain she wasn’t “organising these events,” before Charlie interrupted her and said: “I understand (but) you have these festivals of your own in your area coming up.”

She continued: “We’re giving as much advice as possible and much support. The main thing is asking people to get vaccinated if they haven’t it’s never too late.

“Taking regular lateral flow tests especially before -” Thara continued but couldn’t finish her sentence before Naga interrupted again: “But your offering advice, but the point is will people follow that advice at the festival?

“I mean you have been very clear, social distance, wear masks, be sensible your pleased people are protecting each other but the fact is as Charlie was saying if you go to a festival and not take the test.

“You might not be bothered, you might say you’ve got two vaccines but not have proof and people are going to be let in.

“How strict is it going to be?” Naga asked as Thara answered: “Well I think the organisers of some of the major events, I will go and double-check how safe all of that is because you can’t just rely on what someone says.”

Responding to the interview, one fan vented on Twitter: “The Director of Public Health for Warrington doing a sterling job on #BBCBreakfast in the face of unnecessarily confrontational questioning from Charlie and Naga.”

While a second similarly frustrated viewer added: “@BBCBreakfast stop badgering and bullying the public health expert you have one the sofa! @TVNaga01.”

More to follow…
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