Stranger Things season 4 release date ‘revealed’ in huge Hopper promo clue

Stranger Things viewers spent months theorising over whether Jim Hopper (played by David Harbour) was killed off in the final episode of season three. Finally, after a seemingly endless winter, Netflix subscribers were eventually given a teaser which revealed Hopper was not only alive and well, but making a return in season four.

However, now fans have begun wondering when the show will be making a return to Netflix, as the streaming service has not yet announced a release date.

This afternoon saw Netflix release a video showcasing the fourth season’s table read – which featured all of the Stranger Things cast reading through the scripts of the new episodes.

Now, viewers have been speculating when the next season will be coming out, and have pointed out that the episodes are usually released around the time the trailers are set in.

For example, season two saw Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) watching Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) and his friends dress up as the Ghostbusters for Halloween.


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Season three featured a fourth of July celebration and was released on the same day as well.

The latest trailer saw Hopper digging out a railroad in thick snow, prompting viewers to point out the show could be set over Christmas and New Year.

Reddit user hushpolocaps69 speculated: “Seeing how season two took place around Halloween, season two was released on Halloween. Then with Season three, it took place around 4th of July and then guess what, it released on Independence Day.

“Seeing how we know very little of season four, such as when it takes place, I wonder when it’ll come out. Could it possibly be Thanksgiving?

“Or even Christmas because of all the snow? I wonder what the theme of the season will be because then, we’ll know the release date.” (sic)

Viewers agreed, and began suggesting this could be correct, as one replied: “The show normally takes place over the course of a week so I’m thinking it will be the time between christmas and new year.”

Another fan referenced the first season four teaser which featured a clock in the Upside Down.

They wrote: “The clock in (the) first teaser strikes midnight, so it might suggest we’re going to have New Year’s Eve (personally I’d go for 1986/87 because of the cast age).

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“Christmas – NewYear school break also seems like the only time in Winter when the Byers + El could come over to Hawkins while living in New Mexico (or wherever they went).” (sic)

Should viewers prepare to dive back into the world of Stranger Things this December?

Meanwhile, fans of the show have been speculating where the egg featured in earlier episodes came from.

Reddit user LividFray asked: “Has there been more speculation on what this egg is from? It can’t be Demogorgons, right?”


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Another fan suggested it had something to do with Eleven’s trauma and was more of a metaphorical inclusion than a deliberate story beat.

They wrote: “This series plot is about learning to face childhood trauma. It has to do with El’s dark origins and how her bottled up pain manifests into a world of monsters that infiltrates our world.”

Considering viewers have since seen new Demogorgons pop up in the universe, could their eggs be strewn about the Upside Down?

Stranger Things seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix.

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