'Survivor: Winners at War': See Who's Been Voted Out (So Far)

Warning: This story contains spoilers from Survivor: Winners at War, so if you aren’t caught up, do not proceed.

Survivor is upping the ante.

The all-winners season has been in the works for years and it finally came together with the 40th cycle, bringing back 20 past winners — including legends and fan favorites — for Winners at War. While several returning castaways have competed on multiple seasons of Survivor (see: Boston Rob, Tyson Apostol, Parvati Shallow), there are a handful of winners who haven’t played the game in years (see: Yul Kwon, Kim Spradlin-Wolfe, Sophie Clarke). 

With the prize money doubled to $2 million, Survivor upped the difficulty level for this all-star cast tenfold. The 20th anniversary season saw the return of the controversial Edge of Extinction, a twist that was first introduced in the 38th cycle in 2019, adding another layer of complex strategy to the fold with the threat of banished castaways potentially returning to the main game. Add to that hidden immunity idols, invaluable fire tokens and game advantages, and you have an epic season of Winners at War.

As Winners at War continues to unfold, we’ll continue to update this master list of eliminated castaways and keep tabs on who decides to keep hope alive by staying on Edge of Extinction. 


Episode Voted Out: Episode 3, “Out for Blood” (Day 9)

What Happened: It’s been a tough showing for the Sele tribe in the early days of Winners at War and it showed when they went to their third tribal council of the season (already). In what was the first shocking elimination, cancer survivor Ethan, who won the Africa season, fell victim to the “new school” alliance teaming up to weaken the “old school” group made up of Boston Rob, Parvati and Ethan. While the “old school” players kept true to their plan to vote Adam out, it was the others in the tribe (minus Adam) who had the numbers on their side, pulling off the stunning blindside by ousting Ethan. 

Vote Count: 4-3-1, over Adam and Parvati

Current Status: Edge of Extinction


Episode Voted Out: Episode 2, “It’s Like a Survivor Economy” (Day 6)

What Happened: The Guatemala winner surged to the top of Sele’s list after she mistakenly believed fellow castaway (and Boston Rob’s biggest ally), Parvati, was secretly gunning to get her out. (She wasn’t.) Danni, who hadn’t been on anyone’s radar until after the tribe lost the immunity challenge, was in a decent position until that misunderstanding. When it became clear to her that she was being left out of “old school” alliance discussions, her paranoia proved too much for her to bear and she made some rookie mistakes, including accidentally outing the “old school” alliance to a “new school” player, Ben. Whoops. When it came time to vote out their latest castaway at tribal, Sele decided to extinguish Danni’s torch.

Vote Count: 8-1, over Parvati

Current Status: Edge of Extinction


Episode Voted Out: Episode 1, “Greatest of the Greats” (Day 3)

What Happened: Right from the get-go, Amber was out of her element when she returned to play Survivor alongside her husband, Boston Rob. (Amber’s last season was All-Stars, which she won more than 16 years ago.) Her close connection to Rob turned out to be a detriment, when her other Dakal tribemates began to surmise that having both Marianos make it to the merge or a tribe swap would hugely diminish their chances of winning. Adding insult to injury, Sandra expressed her unhappiness over Rob keeping his participation on Winners at War a secret, fueling some bad blood. Ultimately, Amber paid the price, claiming enough votes at tribal council to be the second castaway sent off to Edge of Extinction. 

Vote Count: 6-3-1, over Kim and Nick

Current Status: Edge of Extinction


Episode Voted Out: Episode 1, “Greatest of the Greats” (Day 2)

What Happened: The San Juan del Sur winner entered the game with a promising start, reuniting with her fellow San Juan del Sur castaway, Jeremy, and quickly forming an alliance. Soon after stepping onto the beach, Natalie and Jeremy zeroed in on Adam and Denise as their ideal first targets. Unfortunately for Natalie, her Sele tribemates had other ideas, identifying her and Jeremy as a dangerous duo — pairs just don’t last on Survivor — and putting an effective plan in place to break them up. In the first tribal council of the season, Natalie was blindsided and sent to Edge of Extinction. 

Vote Count: 7-2-1, over Denise and Adam

Current Status: Edge of Extinction

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