Tamara Ecclestone ‘screamed like a banshee’ in ‘bust-up’ at restaurant with man who called dad Bernie a ‘coffin dodger’ – The Sun

POLICE were called when Tamara Ecclestone had a restaurant bust-up with a writer who had branded her dad Bernie a “coffin dodger”.

The F1 heiress, 35, is said to have “screamed like a banshee” at blogger Matthew Steeples during a brunch at Granger & Co in Chelsea, West London.

Mr Steeples told The Sunday Mirror: “She said that I was a disgusting person slagging off her dad Bernie."

"One of the managers came out and said ‘Miss Ecclestone, calm yourself down’.”

A witness said “it was an ugly scene, everyone was looking”.

A spokesman for Tamara said she calmly asked the blogger to “repeat his keyboard abuse to her face."

The spokesman added: “He did not wish to do so and so she calmly walked away.”

The Met Police said: “Police were called at 10:45hrs on March 5 following a verbal dispute."

"No offences apparent; no further police action in relation to this incident.”

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