Teen Mom Chelsea Houska slammed as 'mean' by daughter Aubree, 11, for banning her from TikTok and Snapchat

CHELSEA Houska was branded "mean" by her daughter Aubree for not letting the preteen use TikTok or Snapchat.

The 11-year-old said the Teen Mom 2 alum is "very, very strict" and complained that she couldn't use any "cool apps".

It all kicked off on Tuesday evening when Chelsea was asked by a fan on Instagram if she's "strict".

The mother-of-four asked Aubree if she was, while the youngster was playing with her newborn sister, Walker June.

"Yes very much,"Aubree replied instantly.

"I disagree," Chelsea shot back, laughing.

"I don't. You're very very strict. You're mean," the MTV star's daughter insisted.

"You won't let me get any of the cool apps, like TikTok or Snapchat."

Chelsea captioned the clip: "I'm strict because she can't have TikTok or Snapchat."

Aubree recently became a big sister for the fourth time, as her mom gave birth to a baby girl called Walker on January 25.

Last month, Chelsea shared her distress over Aubree getting older and wanting to spend less time with her.

The middle schooler denied her mom's request to watch a film with her in bed so she could watch Harry Styles videos instead.

"Just started Scoob and having popcorn in my bed if you want to come up," Chelsea texted, to which Aubree responded: "I want to stay down hereeeee."

The young mom replied: "Okie" before her daughter texted back: "I'm watching 1D."

Chelsea shared their text exchange on Instagram and wrote: "One day they're young and you're having movie nights in your bed and the next, they are ditching you to watch One Direction and Harry Styles."

Later, she posted a sweet boomerang clip where Aubree was cuddling her newborn sister on the floor.

"Only time she will hang out with us is when the baby is awake," she complained.

Chelsea shares Aubree with her ex Adam Lind, whom she has said is “like a ghost" in their lives.

The reality star is now married to Cole DeBoer, and the couple has three children of their own.

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