Teen Mom Jenelle Evans twerks in a tiny bikini after getting back together with husband David despite his assault arrest – The Sun

JENELLE Evans smiled happily as she twerked in a tiny pink bikini to dance car after reuniting with husband David Eason who was arrested for assaulting her friend with a gun.

The former Teen Mom 2 star pulled off a choreographed dance to Bhad Bhabie's song, Geek'd, just days after taking David back.

The father of three was arrested last weekend after he "assaulted her friend," and furious Jenelle announced she was leaving him.

Just days after her vow to ditch her husband, Jenelle, 28, took a walk with David, 31, and their puppy near their North Carolina home on Thursday.

Things seem to be back to normal for Jenelle who regularly posts videos of her dancing poolside in bikinis on her TikTok.

Reddit users were quick to criticize the mom-of-three for going back to David and not protecting her kids.

Despite the kids not being hurt during David's assault, they, unfortunately, witnessed the incident.

A source close to the situation told The Sun exclusively the couple’s daughter, Ensley, 3, “witnessed” the altercation, as well as Jenelle’s son Kaiser, 5, from a previous relationship and David’s daughter Maryssa, 12, from a prior marriage.

The insider claimed: “The kids witnessed the altercation, they were crying.

;They saw David hit James with the gun.

'When he hit him in the back, if that gun went off, his kids would’ve been in jeopardy.

'The kids would’ve been dead.'

One Reddit user wrote: "This is some cringy s**t. She's a mum of three, she's constantly fighting with her partners and puts her kids in danger. She's cringy as hell."

David “unlawfully and willfully did assault” Jenelle’s male friend "with a deadly weapon, a Springfield handgun, by hitting [the alleged victim] in the back of the neck and on his back with the handgun,” the warrant alleged.

The warrant also claimed David “unlawfully and willfully did threaten to physically injure the person.”

David allegedly threatened: “I will blow your f**king brains out.”

The warrant continued: “The threat was made in a manner and under circumstances which would cause a reasonable person to believe that the threat was likely to be carried out and the person threatened believed that the threat would be carried out.”

In a mugshot obtained by The Sun, David stared solemnly into the camera.

David has a court hearing in July regarding the arrest.

The Sun can confirm the victim is James Spivey and he said he is "fine" after the altercation.

David was also arrested on June 11 for failing to appear in court for a tampering with vehicle/injury to personal property from a 2018 incident, the North Carolina Sheriff's Office confirmed.

The arrest came after the couple got into a social media fight the week before.

David claimed Jenelle “deserted” him for her “drug addict” pal.

The two then unfollowed each other on social media.

Jenelle and David’s relationship has been tumultuous over the years.

In October 2019, Jenelle announced her split from David after two years of marriage.

She moved to Nashville with their daughter Ensley, 3, and her son Kaiser, 5, from a previous relationship.

The JE Cosmetics owner then filed a restraining order request against David and claimed he was “abusive” and “violent” throughout their marriage by detailing 11 alleged incidents of abuse.

She wrote in the order that she was “scared” for her life and for the “well-being” of her children.

But only months later, she dropped the restraining order and Jenelle moved into their North Carolina home.

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