‘The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart’ Recap: 3 Ladies Are Eliminated

In the new episode of the ‘Bachelor’ spin-off series, host Chris Harrison announces to the remaining contestants that there will be more newcomers later at the next rose ceremony.

AceShowbiz -“The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart” returned with a new episode on Monday, April 20. In the second episode, there were eight men and eight women left, with Bri & Chris, Bekah & Danny and Jamie & Trevor among the solid couples. However, host Chris Harrison announced that there would be more newcomers later at the next rose ceremony.

The episode saw Jamie getting the first date card, and she picked Trevor. They went to Venice Beach where they performed a romantic duet of “Girl Crush” on the boardwalk. Meanwhile at the mansion, first newbie Natascha arrived. Making things interesting was the fact that Natascha is friends with one of Trevor’s exes.

She confronted Trevor as soon as he and Jamie went back at the mansion. She asked him about the cheating allegations leveled against him, but he denied. Travor claimed he never “physically cheated,” but he did “emotionally cheat” and lie. Other girls, meanwhile, told Jamie what was going on, prompting her to break down in tears.

The next contestant to get the date card was Bri and she unsurprisingly chose Chris to go with her. They opted to go to Guitar Center and the date saw them connecting even further. At some point, Bri told Chris about her ex breaking off their engagement last year. She also said to Chris that she thought she was falling in love with him, and Chris assured her that he felt the same.

Later, Trevor decided to come clean to Jamie about his past relationship. Jamie, who previously said to him that she was cheated on by her ex, was sad but she choose to keep the past in the past and focus on the future with Trevor.

Julia, meanwhile, was in dilemma because of Sheridan and Brandon. Sheridan and Julia went on a date later as they appeared on a morning radio show and performed a duet of “The Bones” for the listeners. During the date, they also had a kiss.

Another two new girls, Mariana and Ruby, arrived, with the former setting her eyes on Brandon almost immediately. Savannah was worried and when she got the next date card, she asked Brandon to go with her and he gladly accepted. They enjoyed the night at a jazz club and even performed together there.

Meanwhile, Ryan and Natascha hit it off. Ryan and other contestant Rudi also had a steamy moment as they shared a kiss. However, Rudi didn’t think she had a chemistry with him so she went for Matt instead.

At the rose ceremony, Chris gave his rose to Bri with Trevor giving his to Jamie. Ryan chose Natascha and Matt picked Rudi. Meanwhile, Danny went stronger with Bekah and Brandon presented his rose to Savannah. That made Sheridan choose Julia. That meant Mel, Mariana and Cheyenne were eliminated. However, it seemed like Brandon made things complicated when he told Julia that he was happy that she’s still around.

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