'The Daily Show' Solves Post-Pandemic Unruliness With Arline Where People Can Fight (Video)

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Now that everyone is slowly, cautiously, reentering society as things slowly open up, there’ve been a rash of bizarre public freakouts and general bad behavior by people who seem to have forgotten how to behave during the pandemic. But on Thursday’s “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah came up with a solid solution: A new airline where passengers are encouraged to beat each other up.

The gag came during a larger discussion of some of that post-pandemic unruliness. This included the time someone dumped popcorn on Russell Westbrook’s head during an NBA playoff game, increased worries at some retailers about violent customers, and air travel related violence — like the ‘crazy’ fight in a Miami airport. And when someone attacked a flight attendant in-air.

After running all that down, Noah unveiled the solution, inspired by all that airline-related fighting. “The truth is, some people are just assholes who want to fight. And let’s be honest, you’re never gonna get rid of them. So maybe, just maybe, the better solution is to just find a way to put them all in the same place,” Noah said.

This led to a commercial for a fake airline called “Throwdown Air.”

“Do you want to travel and take out your pent-up pandemic aggression on customer service employees? Hell yeah you do. But society won’t let you punch a flight attendant. Until now,” the ad promises. “Introducing Throwdown air, the only airline with no rules on your behavior. Or ours!”

“Our flight attendants are trained in MMA, hopped up on junk meth, and ready to f— you up,” the ad continues. “Other airlines don’t want you to bring weapons on board. At Throwdown Air, you have to. And if you knock out the pilot, then congrats: You’re the new pilot. Either way, once we’re in the air, we’re not landing until everyone on board is bleeding out.”

“So if you’re an asshole who assaults people doing their jobs, then fly the airline for people just like you,” the ad promises.

Watch the whole clip above. The Fake ad comes at the end.

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