‘The Daily Show With Trevor Noah’ Talks About The Job The Presidential Candidates Couldn’t Get

Trevor Noah started his monologue by airing the complaints of Elizabeth Warren on sexism in her race for the Democratic presidential nomination. “She has a good point,” Noah said, noting that a woman is faced with two choices in discussing the allegation – to be either viewed as a whiner if they acknowledge it, or someone living on another planet if they ignore it.

Noah said that’s not fair, “Especially since the President is already a whiner who lives on another planet.”

He also noted that a Democratic race that started out with a broad array of candidates is now strangely down to two old white men in Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, with 73-year-old incumbent Donald Trump as the youngest person in the race.

“There’s no other job where they would be the top candidates,” said Noah. Even a Life Alert commercial wouldn’t take them, he claimed. “You guys don’t look like you’re young enough to save. We’re kind of going for someone healthier.”

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