This Morning matchmaker says women need handbags and manners to get a rich man

A millionaire matchmaker raised eyebrows on This Morning after she insisted women need designer handbags, good etiquette and be feminine to secure a rich man.

Anna Bey was talking from Geneva, and was giving tips of how to achieve “financial security” after she launched a finishing school for women back in 2018.

Phil frowned as he asked: “So this has nothing to do with love? It’s all about money?”

“No, no, no, of course, we also would like to have love, but we also would like to have a financially secure partner. Both are important for women in my community,” insists Anna.

Holly asked what tips women need to know to find a rich husband.

Blonde beauty Anna says: “Well, you definitely want to find a man who is not trying too hard, because I do think that the cliche does really tell an accurate story.”

“When somebody tries too hard, it's usually for a reason. Usually affluent men, they tend to be more discreet. Let's say there wear clothing of high quality, but that's not going to have any logos on them.”

She also gave tips to women of what they can do: “Who wants to look cheap, let's put it that way?”

“Everybody wants to look better. Everybody wants to look expensive. One great investment piece is definitely the handbag. For men, the watch is important. But for women, it's all about the handbag.”

Holly wasn’t sure what to make of this: “This all seems quite shallow, doesn't it? Really?”

Anna defended herself: “Everybody has different requirements of what type of financial security they want their partner to have. For some the threshold is quite low for others is quite high.”

“I don't really think it's anyone's business to judge if she wants to have an affluent partner, who says that's wrong?”

She also said femininity is key.

“I know that we live in a society today where femininity is a bit frowned upon, because we think that it's all about being weak.”

“In my community, we celebrate femininity. Many men appreciate a feminine woman because it allows him to step into his masculinity and that kind of feels good for him.”

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Viewers weren’t impressed.

One tweeted: “Handbags, napkins and champagne drinking etiquette to get a rich man, but only if you are a feminine woman” with an angry emoji.

Another viewer said they don’t know a single man who cares about handbags: “They wouldn’t even notice, who is this woman and what planet did she come from?”

“A handbag?? I've got kids so I don't carry a handbag, I carry my kids backpack filled with their stuff……so can I still bag the man of my dreams?!”

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