This Morning viewers in hysterics over 'shambles' as Alice Beer fails to fly after strapping on jet pack

THIS Morning fans were in hysterics today when Alice Beer strapped on a futuristic jet-pack to "take to the skies".

However, the 55-year-old only managed to make it a few centimetres from the ground in what one fan called an "absolute shambles".

Viewers were shown expert Richard Browning soaring through the sky and flying over a lake.

But Alice didn't manage to reach quite the same kind of heights, staying firmly rooted to the ground while the jet pack powered up.

She did eventually make it a little way off the ground but wound up spinning around while attached to a rope.

As she got flung around, host Holly Willoughby laughed: "She's going to be so dizzy. It's hard to know if it's the winch that's hoiking her up or the pressure."

One giggled: "Alice thinking she was Buzz Lightyear and all she was doing was dangling off a rope 🤦‍♂️."

Some didn't even think she'd really made it off the ground, with one viewer tweeting: "Jet pack! She was on a wire."

Another insisted: "She's not flying, she's lifted her legs and is dangling on the rope."

A third asked: "Were they just pulling her up on the winch?"

Back on land Alice appeared to believe she'd flown through the sky, gasping: "It's amazing, you've got to try this."

Laughing Phillip, 58, told viewers: "There you go. We did that for no good reason whatsoever."

People trying out the Gravity jetpack experience are normally drilled on how to use the special suits in half-day training courses.

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