Tomorrow Before After Producers Apollo Pictures, Sivela Pictures and 64-A Films Team for Slate of Colombian Genre Films (EXCLUSIVE)

Co-producers on the recently finished dystopian thriller “Tomorrow Before After,” Apollo Pictures and Sivela Pictures are teaming on an entire slate of genre feature films with top Colombian producers 64-A Films, starting with a Spanish-language remake of Apollo founder Chad Barager’s most recent directorial feature “The Inheritance.”

The new joint venture was established with long-form, feature content in mind for both the English and Spanish-language markets, with production to be carried out exclusively in Colombia. In the Colombian update of Barager’s latest, a woman will return to Bogota to claim her grandfather’s estate, only to have supernatural forces intervene.

Next up in the pipeline will be the trio’s first English-language project, “On a Night Like Tonight.” In the film, an American living in Colombia learns that what goes around comes around when karma bites him back years after hiring a witch to solve his teenage problems.

Two further productions are also currently in development with “Colombian A-list filmmakers,” according to the three companies.

“As we truly believe in the power of building dreams through teamwork, we created a new partnership with Apollo Pictures and Sivela Pictures,” 64-A Films’ Diego Ramirez explained to Variety.

“This year we had the privilege to team up with Chad Barager at Apollo and Alfonso Quijada from Sivela for an amazing film that was entirely shot in Colombia,” he went on. “The experience was so productive from all points of view that we all decided to push it forward to produce a slate of projects here in Colombia. This is great news for Colombia and show the confidence that our country is generating for international producers.”

Penned and directed by Alfonso Quijada (“El Suspiro del Silencio”), “Tomorrow Before After” was filmed in Bogota over the summer and stars “Terminator: Dark Fate” and “Birds of Passage” actor Natalia Reyes. It follows a nameless woman through a post-apocalyptic world as she searches for other survivors, accompanies only by a stray dog. After her exhaustive search turns up nothing but more and more destruction, she realizes that she is somehow pregnant, an impossibility under the circumstances, and begins to question the reality of her world and her own existence.

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