Trailers of the Week: 'Antebellum,' 'Greyhound' 'Kill Chain,' and More


The thriller’s trailer clocks in at only 42 seconds, but despite its brevity, it’s enough time for reality to seriously blur. Veronica (portrayed by Janelle Monáe) is a successful, 21st-century author. Until she’s also a pre-Civil War era slave. How these two realities reconcile remains a mystery, but the clip suggests Veronica is trapped by destiny. Between glimpses of the alternating time periods, a message flashes: “What if fate chose you to save us from our past?” She will soon find out.  (April 24th)

Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered: The Lost Children 

“This was supposed to be the city where black folks had all this opportunity,” says an interviewee of Atlanta. The new five-part HBO documentary examines how the promise of the city was broken when justice was never found for the 30 black children and adolescents who were murdered in the late Seventies and early Eighties. The teaser shows heartbreaking archival photos and video clips along with impassioned interviews given by those close to the case. After 40 years — and not so much as a memorial for the victims to speak of – the case has finally been reopened. As one interviewee warns, Atlanta’s reputation may be risked in the process.  (April 5th)


The new Tom Hanks-penned World War II epic takes us to the heart of the North Atlantic, 1942, as commander Ernest Krause (portrayed by Hanks) makes his first crossing to England. Perilous scenes show Krause and his men pushing through dark waters while facing attacks from a pack fo Nazi U-boats — a journey based on true events. Glimpses of light cut through the battle, showing shared moments between Krause and his wife Evie (portrayed by Elisabeth Shue). As Krause and his command face the threat of death before they can even reach the front lines, he says, “We’ll bring hell down from on high!”  (June 12th)


Home Before Dark

“I’m Hilde Lysiak,” says Brooklynn Prince. “And I’m a reporter.” Nothing out of the ordinary there — except Hilde is nine years old. What begins as a curiosity about an incident from her father’s past turns into the resuscitation of a cold case. Of course, the small town powers at be aren’t too happy to have a fourth-grader on the scene. The clip teases the police chief’s casual dismissal of Hilde, plus a far more sinister act of intimidation. However, she does not go without some support along the way. She has her father (Jim Sturgess) and a kind female police officer in her corner. (April 3rd)


Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America’s Elections 

If you weren’t already anxious about the 2020 election, the new HBO documentary highlights just how serious – and real – the threat of hacking is. Voters’ fears are often quelled by the idea that voting machines are not connected to the internet. But after only 30 seconds into the trailer, this is proved incorrect. Votes don’t have to be changed in order for an election to be hacked, either; the clip shows how hackers can alter a digit in a voter’s address in order to render his or her ballot invalid. We’re left not with hope, but a discouraging interview from an anonymous hacker:  “I had full access,” he says. “I could have changed any vote.”  (March 26th)


Ozark, Season Three

“Sometimes, if you don’t move forward, you die,” says Wendy (portrayed by Laura Linney). Stakes are higher than ever for the Byrde’s in the crime-drama’s newest season: Their new casino operation is in full swing, Wendy works with the cartel’s attorney behind her husband Marty’s back, and Marty (portrayed by Jason Bateman) has a money laundering secret of his own. Violent confrontations and moments of torture are broken up by visits to a marriage counselor who suggests, “A marriage is only as good as it’s trust.” If that’s true, the Byrdes may be beyond saving. (March 27th)



Trolls World Tour

Poppy – the happiest troll ever born – discovers there are more tribes of trolls out there than she ever could have imagined, each with an original genre of music new to her pop-loving ears. However, everything from funk and techno to hip-hop and country will be wiped away if rocker-troll Barb (voiced by Rachel Bloom) has it her way. Poppy (voiced by Anna Kendrick) and Branch (voiced by Justin Timberlake) set out to unite their fellow trolls (lest they all become Rock Zombies!) but aren’t always helping their own cause. The latest clip teases a scene in which Poppy and Branch try to win over the country trolls by singing them the most important songs in music history. What seems like a fool-proof plan quickly goes awry when they launch into “Who Let the Dogs Out.”  Expect lots of laughs and laser-shooting guitars on this world tour. Oh, and a smooth-jazz troll that’s awfully Kenny G-like. (April 10th)


Without Getting Killed or Caught 

Drawing from reporting by director Tamara Saviano and the personal diaries of Susanna Clark, the upcoming documentary explores the life and music of singer-songwriter Guy Clark. Sissy Spacek portrays Susanna, providing narration in the latest clip. “Guy didn’t care about pleasing the record label, ” she says. “He was passionate about the songs and he was hell-bent on doing things his way. It bombed.”  Along with glimpses into the couple’s struggles and their connection with Townes Van Zandt, the clip teases interviews from Rodney Crowell, Verlon Thompson, and Vince Gill. “He knew who he wanted to be,” says Gill. “That’s clarity.”  (March 13th)

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