Trevor Noah Talks Biden, Bernie Split, Bloomberg's Wasted Millions on Super Tuesday

Trevor Noah offered some on-the-spot analysis of Super Tuesday results on a live installment of The Daily Show, as the field narrowed to a race between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders — and billionaire Michael Bloomberg failed reap any real results from his millions.

Noah was able to offer a few actual on-the-air results, but correspondent Ronny Chieng’s inability to remember his password to the big digital map prevented any more detailed analysis. Instead, Noah focused on the moderate consolidation behind Biden, Sanders’ continued progressive push and the potential for an irreparable rift in the Democratic party that President Donald Trump is certainly trying to push. Noah played a clip of Trump claiming that the Democratic establishment was trying to steal the nomination from Sanders, then suggested Pete Buttigieg’s endorsement of Biden came with the promise of a cabinet position, which Trump called a “quid pro quo.”

“Something tells me the only thing Trump has learned from the entire Ukraine scandal is the phrase ‘quid pro quo,’” Noah joked. “It’s almost like Trump has one of those word-of-the-day calendars and every word is a crime he personally committed.”

While full Super Tuesday results still weren’t in, there was enough for Noah to note Bloomberg’s undeniably bad night. Bloomberg spent over half a billion dollars on Super Tuesday and even bought a whole advertising block on primetime TV to deliver an Oval Office-style address about the coronavirus outbreak. Unfortunately, as Noah noted, Bloomberg immediately undercut his own authority the following day when his campaign posted a video of him taking some food, licking his fingers then immediately touching other items on the table.

“That is so disgusting,” Noah cracked. “I bet the coronavirus watched that and was like, ‘Ugh, I need to wash my hands!’”

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