TV's Top Leading Lady: Vote in the Sweet 16

Welcome welcome welcome to the sweet 16 of TV’s Top Leading Lady 2020!

Only 16 actresses remain in the competition, and only eight can continue on to the next round thanks to your votes.

This is where things get tough, because it’s time for costars to start battling each other in an effort to not have a final few rounds filled with stars of the same show. In this round and the next, you’ll see stars of Anne With an E, SanditonWynonna Earp, and Arrow facing off, as well as the regular face offs. (Note: If there are three stars from the same show currently remaining, two will face off now. If there are only two, they’ll face off if they make it to the Elite Eight.) 

The winners are obviously all up to you! 

Vote below! 

Voting will remain open until Thursday, April 16 at 1 p.m. PT. 

While you’re here, you might also start nominating your fandom for TV’s Top Fandom 2020. You can do so in the form right here. It just has to be an active fandom about a TV show or TV characters, and we’ll be announcing the start date for that tournament soon! 

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