Unsolved Mysteries season 2 release date: Will there be another series?

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Unsolved Mysteries is the new true-crime series streaming on Netflix now but will there be more unsolved cases to come? Express.co.uk has everything you need to know about Unsolved Mysteries season two.

Will there be another series of Unsolved Mysteries?

There is good news for true-crime fans who have already binge-watched Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix.

Unsolved Mysteries will be returning for a second series on Netflix shortly.

The rebooted version of the show has been intentionally split into two halves, with the first six episodes, known as volume one, being the first in the series to be released.

Unsolved Mysteries will return to Netflix with an additional six episodes, known as volume two.

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The second series will also feature two unsolved mysteries which have taken place outside of the US.

Speaking to The New York Post, co-creator Terry Dunn Meurer revealed: “We have a team of researchers who target different countries.

“In the second six episodes premiering later this year, there are two episodes shot internationally.

“Right now, we’re tracking cases in Brazil. Our story producers work with people on the ground who handle language issues.

“We delivered the show to Netflix three months in advance due to the [dubbing] in so many languages since this will go out to hundreds of countries.”

Unfortunately, an official release date has not yet been confirmed by Netflix for volume two of Unsolved Mysteries.

Volume one premiered on July 1, 2020, so there is the possibility viewers could be waiting until summer 2021 for the next instalment.

Usually, when Netflix splits its seasons up, the wait is between three to six months for new episodes, so fingers crossed Unsolved Mysteries will arrive towards the end of this year.

Many shows are facing delays due to the current coronavirus pandemic and it is not yet clear if Unsolved Mysteries has been affected.

According to the Unsolved Mysteries official website, 12 episodes of Unsolved Mysteries will be released this year.

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The website reads: “In 2020, Netflix is releasing 12 new episodes of Unsolved Mysteries produced by Cosgrove/Meurer Productions and 21 Laps.”

Express.co.uk will update this article when more information is available.

The new Unsolved Mysteries comes from the show’s original creators Terry Dunn Meurer and John Cosgrove and is produced by the same team behind Netflix’s Stranger Things.

The series is currently in the Netflix top 10 worldwide and fans have been praising the show on Twitter.


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One fan tweeted: “The new Unsolved Mysteries is really good. I keep expecting them to solve the mysteries by the end of each episode, though, and then I remember the name of the show.”

A second fan said: “The new #UnsolvedMysteries series has brought back all
my teenage and early adult enthrallment (that might not be a word), so who will do the weekly review #podcast with me?”

A third fan commented:” Still trying to solve Unsolved Mysteries…. I can see how it gets tricky I guess lol.”

Unsolved Mysteries is streaming on Netflix now

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