Vigil Blunder: BBC viewers in uproar over ‘ridiculous’ error

Vigil: Crew panic as submarine almost hits tanker boat

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The new BBC One drama follows the investigation of a death on-board a Trident nuclear submarine which brings the police into conflict with the Navy and British security services. Suranne Jones, who plays DCI Amy Silva, was placed onto the submarine to investigate the death of Craig Burke (Martin Compston). However, Monday nights showing of the second episode appeared to unveil a huge mistake that eagle-eyed fans spotted.

The submarine had come to the surface as the ship had come off batteries and was now using diesel to power the ship.

As one of the crew members was looking through the periscope, a Tanker was speeding dead ahead, and the crew had to dive deep quickly.

The crew had to standby for a collision and braced themselves for any kind of impact with the oncoming ship ahead of them.

The sonar alerted the crew as the ship got closer, with the captain becoming more concerned with if they were going to make it.

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Luckily, the ship managed to dive deep enough and quick enough, just missing the tanker and carried on forward.

The captain angrily said to his crew: “How could you not hear a tanker!?” to which his crew member replied: “Sorry sire, bow breaker, and it was very noisy with the high seas state…” 

“We nearly bored a hole in its side! Wake up”, he yelled as he went to check the reports of the ship.

However, eagle-eyed fans of the show noticed the huge blunger made with the solar system and how it had flaws in not being able to sense the tanker.

One user wrote: “Why did they need a periscope to spot a slightly large tanker? Don’t they have radar????? #Vigil”

Another added: “I’m sorry, all that tech, personnel and expertise, and they only spotted a tanker through a periscope just ahead? #Vigil”

A third replied: “Getting seriously worried about the crap sonar on this sub. How can they not see some boat as big as Titanic?? #Vigil.”

“I’m no expert, but I can’t help thinking that the apparent inability to detect massive tanker-shaped objects about 10m away represents something of a submarine design flaw. #Vigil,” another user wrote.

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“How could they NOT have known the EverGiven wasn’t coming full pelt at them with all that tracking equipment? #Vigil,” a final user exclaimed.

Later in the show, it was revealed that Mark Prentice was the one who had brought heroin onto the ship, which had been suspected of how Burke died.

Prentice revealed to Silva that Burke had been the one who initiated any tension between the two when he punched him in the face, so he hit him back.

“I went back later to apologise in his bunk room,” Prentice explained, as Silva asked: “Did anyone see you?”

“Uh, no, no, it was before the change of watch,” he explained, Silva pressed: “And you found him dead?”

“He died in front of me, um I mean, I must have seen his last few seconds; I did that one punch, and I’ve worked so hard for this job I know what I did was wrong,” Prentice exclaimed.

Silva then picked up Burkes top he was wearing when he died and noticed a substance on it, which she later realised was poison and told another crew member to see the nurse immediately.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger leaving viewers in suspense on how he was poisoned and who poisoned him before his death.

Vigil continues Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.
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