Vikings star Lucy Martin opens up about Ingrid’s fate ‘Ruling like a bad***’

Vikings: Gunnhild swims out to sea to 'be with Bjorn'

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History transported viewers back to the 13 century during the Viking era for the series inspired by Ragnar Lothrok’s (played by Travis Fimmel) adventures. Although the show came to an end in 2020, Vikings star Lucy Martin shared her hopes about her character, Ingrid’s fate.

Ingrid was introduced to fans in season six as the slave who served Queen Gunnhild (Ragga Ragnars) and King Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig).

However, she soon threw out her title as slave and became a Queen after Ragnar took her in as his second wife in the relationship and his fifth wife overall.

This came after Gunnhild often caught Ingrid glancing at him longingly and even after Gunnhild asked her about having an interest in the King, she quickly denied it.

This all came to a head when the Queen caught Bjorn and Ingrid having sex.

To smooth things out, Gunnhild suggested Bjorn took Ingrid in a second wife, which he did and as a result, she went from being a slave to the Queen in Kattegat.

During her time in Vestfold, King Harald brutally raped her after she rejected his numerous advances.

When she discovered she was pregnant, she was adamant it was Bjorn and told people she had been pregnant before the assault, however, she saw it as an opportunity to become the Queen of Kattegat.

After Bjorn died, a new ruler was required and although she was hesitant she put her name down, which proved to be successful and she became the official Queen of Kattegat.

Unlike many of the characters who were in the series, Ingrid was one of the few who remained alive after the show ended.

While discussing her new horror movie, Ingrid star Lucy Martin shared her hypothetical hopes for her character’s fate.

Martin shared: “To be honest, throughout the whole thing, because I didn’t know where my character was going to end, I envisioned that she was this driven character.

“That’s what I had in my mind and afterwards, I think she would just be, you know, ruling Kattegat like a badass.”

She added: “Having said that, though, I reckon she probably would have been killed at some point, you know?”

The actress also reflected on her role in Vikings and revealed: “Oh, it was one of the best times in my life. I loved it.

“The crew and the whole team were amazing, everyone was just at the top of their game, and I learned so much because it was really my first big thing.

“I’d done Riviera prior to that and music videos, but really, that was where I learned everything, really, about being on a set.”

“It was a really special time, and I look back on it very fondly. And I’m very grateful for the role that I managed to get,” Martin concluded.

With the Vikings season six finale being the official end of the show, Martin landed a huge new role on the upcoming horror movie, The Seed.

Landing on Shudder on Thursday, March 10, she will portray an influencer called Diedre who takes her friends on a girl’s trip to the Mojave desert.

While staying at her best friend Heather’s (Sophie Vavasseur) vacation home, the women encounter a terrifying invasive Alien force.

Vikings is available on History and Prime Video.

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