Virgin River showrunner details change to Jack’s sister Brie ‘It’s a slow burn’

Virgin River: Netflix releases trailer for third season

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Brie Sheridan (played by Zibby Allen) started up a casual relationship with Brady (Ben Hollingsworth) shortly after her arrival to Virgin River in the latest edition of the popular Netflix romance. Now Brady has been arrested for the suspected attempted murder of Brie’s sister Jack (Martin Henderson), her path in a potential fourth season of the show is unclear.

Virgin River showrunner Sue Tenney has revealed more about the introduction of Brie Sheridan in the latest season of the small town drama.

Jack’s sister came to town as soon as she heard her brother Jack had been shot in his bar by an unknown attacker.

However, she had also fled her own life after surviving a sexual assault, as she eventually admitted to Jack’s girlfriend and later fiancée Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckinridge).

Fans of Robyn Carr’s original series of Virgin River novels will know her story unravels rather differently on the page.

To explain more, series showrunner Sue Tenney recently chatted to TVLine about adapting Brie’s arrival for the small screen.

She confirmed: “She’s one of my favorite characters from the books.

“We were waiting for the right time to bring her in, and we feel like this is the perfect season.”

In the books, Brie actually heads to Virgin River after learning her husband had left her for her best friend.

The discovery of her husband’s affair also coincided with the loss of a massive trial at work, so naturally she was desperate to find a new lease of life in the small California town.

Rather than directly translating her introduction note-by-note, Tenney decided to shake up her story for modern audiences.

She explained: “Her brother was shot, so her coming to town was completely organic.

“And then it’s a slow burn for the audience to learn what she’s going through.”

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“We took that storyline from the books, but we changed the circumstances of what happened to her. I find her compelling, strong and fun.”

As Carr’s series began back in 2007, it’s easy to see why the writers felt the need to take certain liberties with Brie’s stories.

Plus, changing up the narrative allowed for more drama as her love interest Brady was taken into custody in Virgin River’s bombshell season three finale.

Brady could very well be being framed by local drug lord Calvin (David Cubitt), but he could easily be spending the rest of the series behind bars.

This development has thrown a huge question mark over Brie’s role in the series going ahead, but actress Zibby Allen is keen for Jack’s sister to stick around.

She recently told Hollywood Life: “Objectively, I never want to leave her.

“But we’ll see where she goes from here. I think there’s some real value in the fact that she could be honest with Mel and that friendship is just kicking off.

“I think it’d be a shame for Brie to leave just when she’s starting to form these relationships.”

Netflix has yet to confirm a fourth season of Virgin River, but the cast is reportedly already getting ready to start filming so all signs are pointing to the show coming back next year.

Virgin River seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix.

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