'WandaVision': What Elizabeth Olsen Is 'Most Grateful About'

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany were the first Marvel Cinematic Universe stars to premiere in a Disney+ Marvel original. They star opposite one another in WandaVision as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch and Vision. The show defied Marvel orthodoxies — jumping stylistically from one sitcom era to the next as Wanda came to terms with her past trauma. Unlike many a high-octane Marvel production, the show boasted a slow and steady burn that eventually developed into a raging fire. Yet, Wanda was at the center, making the show a more female-driven narrative than past Marvel installments. 

During a discussion with Bettany for Interview Magazine, Olsen discussed the show, explaining what she is most proud of when it comes to the series, and why she views the series as a success. 

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany on ‘WandaVision,’ female-driven stories, and parenthood

Bettany explained to Olsen that he admires the fact that WandaVision has “been born out of films in a genre that is quite testosterone-driven and has a smattering of estrogen. And now we have a show made of estrogen with a smattering of testosterone in it, and it felt really good.” Olsen agreed, noting:

“I think anything that is a female-driven story that is true and authentic to anything else’s experience is a step forward. I also think there is something really interesting that, thematically, is in our show about parenting…”

Olsen went on to explain that the show dives headfirst into common parental conundrums — how do you keep your kids safe while also letting them explore and discover who they are? How do you prepare for the years to come, for kids grow up so fast? And, though the show explores so many facets of relatable life, Wanda’s “most grateful” for how well the series answered many a lingering question.

Olsen said ‘WandaVision’ answers ‘every single possible question’ 

Olsen told Bettany that she admired how explorative WandaVision was when it came to the characters at the center. She shared: 

“I think what I feel most grateful about for our show, was us getting the opportunity to just really be able to answer every single possible question that could be asked of these characters. I feel like I understand both of them so much more, and I feel way more capable of being shuffled around the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the experience. Which is what’s so beautiful about Marvel—they allow you to bring your experiences with you…”

Because of WandaVision, Olsen can now see her character more clearly — she knows who she is — and will take that with her as she ventures into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 

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