We Have a Major 'Bachelorette' Spoiler About Connor B (aka the Cat Guy)

Connor Brennan (aka Connor B!) started off this season of The Bachelorette dressed as a literal cat, and apparently Katie Thurston was…into it! Like, to the point where she and Connor made out while he was in full costume, an image which lives in my mind rent-free no matter how many times I try to evict it. Usually, super-gimmicky contestants don’t make it that far on The Bachelorette, but Connor and Katie have clearly connected—she even gushed to Us Weekly that “He did his research on me. I love my cats so much. And then he has these ridiculous jokes that made me laugh. He’s handsome. And honestly, he was the first name I remembered by heart. I was like, ‘I know him, Connor, the cat.’ That’s what I called him and he’s just a great guy.”

Gonna come out and say it: we know exactly how far Connor makes it on the show AND if he’s going to be on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, so scroll down if you’re in the mood for spoilers. ‘Til then, here’s everything we know about The Bachelorette’s resident feline fan.


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^ In case you’re wondering what he’s working with under the cat costume.

He’s Super Smart

Much like my actual cat, 29-year-old Connor B. might be a secret genius? We all know he’s a math teacher thanks to his cute Bachelorette intro video, but apparently he was also a casual NUCLEAR ENGINEER. Peep his ABC bio:

Also, just gonna drop these pics of Connor being the cutest teacher ever:


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Oh, also he’s a former cycling instructor? Genuinely hard to keep up with the amount of hats this dude wears, say nothing of his cat hat:


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He Knows *Exactly* What He Wants in a Partner



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Any of you fit this description and have also starred in a local theater production of Cats? Hit him up!

Connor’s Family Seems Really Cute

Presenting: Connor’s dad, who he accurately described as a style icon:


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Also presenting: this dog.


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He’s a Musician

There’s one on every season, ya know?

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Anyway, watch Connor’s music video if you want to get in your feels:

He Opened Up About Past Cheating

Connor was on Katie’s recent group date with Nick Viall, who asked everyone to share red flags / past experiences that they thought Katie should know about. During his turn, Connor explained that he drank too much while in grad school and cheated on his then-girlfriend:

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