Wendy Williams fans demand her return as talk show remains on hiatus five weeks after host suffers ‘medical issues’ – The Sun

WENDY Williams fans demanded her return as talk show remains on hiatus.

The daytime talk show host has been off the air for five weeks after suffering "medical issues."

Fans tweeted: "I miss you Wendy! Please come back (even though I know you don't like doing your show from home). I'm going to throw in some guilt- Is this working?"

Others wrote: "The Wendy Williams Show is the best show on television. Hands down."

Another commented: "I miss the Wendy Williams show guys. I’m not okay today."
Other social media users said: "Life really ain’t been the same since The Wendy Williams show went off-air." 

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Last month Wendy's show went on hiatus because of a health crisis with Graves disease.

However, she recently explained she will not be returning with her at-home episodes.

She said: "I’m waiting for the state of New York to say that we as a show can go back."

“We got 200 people in our audience, we’ll never have that again. But I want to go back to do our show."

She added: “Nothing makes me happier than to be Wendy on The Wendy Show.

"What I want the most is to be with you. I miss you. I miss you a lot.”

Wendy recently spent the weekend boating in the Hamptons with CNN host Don Lemon.

She posted another picture earlier this month wearing a green mask and sweatshirt.

She was carrying a copy of yesterday's New York Daily News and captioned the snap: "Wow June is here!

"I didn't see paparazzi but ok. I needed my stuff before NYC dark.

"Black lives have ALWAYS mattered. #blacklivesmatter #NYPD #Peace"

Before Wendy announced she was taking a break from the show, fans expressed concern she seemed to "slur her words" and looked "out of it" on live TV.

She also broke down in tears several times on-air.

But insiders shared she “is not checked into a treatment facility anywhere at the moment.”

Production sources told The Sun of her hiatus: “Wendy absolutely hates working from home so the quarantine has been really hard on her.

“She’s been struggling with it more behind the scenes than her audience realizes and it got worse the week before her announcement.”

They said she was “in a bad place mentally.”

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