'Westworld': A Quick Season 2 Recap Before You Dive Into Season 3

Westworld is finally back for season 3, and if the trailers are any indication, it’s going to include some epic showdowns. With so many characters and revolving timelines, viewers may not remember everything that happened last season. Here’s a quick breakdown of season 2, and where each character’s story left off. 

Dolores gets out of Westworld

In season 1, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) seemed like the most harmless host in Westworld. But when she shot and killed Ford (Anthony Hopkins) as Wyatt at the end of the first season, she single-handedly changed the power dynamic in the park.  

Throughout season 2, a self-aware Dolores searched for the Valley Beyond, and as she journeyed through the park, she assembled an army of hosts to help. By the end of the season, Dolores finds her way into Westworld headquarters and makes a plan to conquer the outside world.

Bernard isn’t on board with Dolores’ plan

Throughout the first season of Westworld, Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) believes that he’s a human engineer who helped build the hosts. But by season 2, he learns that he’s a host himself. It turns out that Bernard’s mind is a copy of Arnold’s consciousness, and he was programmed by Dolores under Ford’s orders.

To keep Delos fooled, Bernard alters his memories. He meets Dolores at the Valley Beyond, and in an effort to stop her from deleting all of Delos’ data, he kills her. But he then puts her consciousness into Charlotte Hale’s (Tessa Thompson) body. 

But later, in order to save him from Delos, Dolores kills Bernard, and implants his mind into a Bernard clone. 

Charlotte Hale aka Charlores

Charlotte Hale was a Westworld executive in season 1 who is ultimately killed by Dolores. However, Dolores makes and programs a clone of Charlotte, who then helps the hosts escape in season 2. When Bernard kills Dolores, he puts her consciousness into Charlotte. This host, often referred to by fans as Charlores, puts Dolores’ mind ball back into Dolores’ body.

Dolores then programs a mind ball containing both Charlotte and Dolores’ consciousnesses and implants it into Charlotte’s body.

Maeve became self-aware in season 2 of ‘Westworld’

Maeve is undoubtedly one of the strongest hosts in Westworld. In season 2, she became self-aware and figured out how to undo her programming limits. She journeys through the park to find her daughter, but when she realizes she’s been replaced, she continues on to other parts of the park.

She dies at the end of the season, but as indicated by the season 3 trailers, she comes back to life to take on Dolores in an epic battle. 

William’s daughter is dead and he might be a host hybrid

The Man in Black aka William (Ed Harris) spent most of the second season wondering if he or his daughter, Emily (Katja Herbers) were hosts or humans. In the finale, Emily dies with other humans in the park, leaving William alone to fend for himself.

While his real human life was shown in clips throughout the season, in a post-credit scene in the finale, it is suggested that a human-host hybrid of William may exist in the park. In the trailer for the new season, William is set to take on Dolores in an effort to save the world. 

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