What time is Michael McIntyre's The Wheel on TV tonight and how does the show work?

MICHAEL MacIntyre will host the next episode of his new game show The Wheel tonight on BBC One. 

Packed with stars and a gigantic spinning wheel, three contestants will attempt to answer their way to a fortune – with seven celeb experts to help them.

What time is Michael McIntyre's The Wheel on TV tonight? 

Michael McIntyre’s new game show The Wheel is back TONIGHT, November 27 at 8pm on BBC One.

The Wheel will last just over an hour with the next episode due at 7.40pm next Saturday.

The show is due to end on December 15.

How does the show work? 

The new BBC show promises to be “packed with huge stars, big laughs and a colossal spinning wheel”. 

Three members of the public will appear in each episode and will try to answer questions – with the help of celebrity experts – to reach the show’s prize.

But whether each contestant gets to play in the episode or not is all down to luck. 

Show host Michael McIntyre explained: “There are three contestants on the contestant wheel, under the main wheel.

“The contestant wheel is spun, and whoever lands in the middle of the main wheel is selected and they rise up. 

“The idea is for them to stay on the wheel and keep answering questions until the end, where they can win big money. 

“If they get a question wrong, they slip back onto the contestant wheel, and it’s spun again.”

Once the contestant is chosen, they will join Michael and the celebrity experts in the middle of the main wheel. 

Stars will each bring their own expertise to the game with Carol Vorderman featuring as the numbers' expert, Joey Essex as a dating expert and Gemma Collins on Essex.

The contestant will choose a category and will try to answer questions with the celeb expert’s help. 

But, in a twist of fate, the contestant can’t choose which expert will help them on each question – instead it’s up to a spin of the wheel to decide which celeb will lend a helping hand.

No matter who the wheel lands on – and whether they’re an expert on the subject or not – the celeb must then help the contestant answer the question.

The aim of the game is for contestants to answer correctly across seven categories to build their prize pot.

But moment they get a question wrong, they slip back down on the pecking order and the contestant wheel is spun again.

If a contestant gets all seven categories right, they then have to answer one last question to take home the cash prize. 

How can I watch the show on TV? 

You can watch The Wheel on BBC One on TV, at 8pm TONIGHT (Saturday November 27).

The show will also be available on BBC iPlayer after it has aired.

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