When Will 'Supergirl' Return With New Episodes?

The CW’s Supergirl Season5 Episode 13, titled ‘It’s aSuper Life,’ welcomed backseveral prior cast members for an epic on-screen reunion. It was a satisfying100th episode that revisited poignantturning points inKara’s journey as Supergirl.

The episode left Kara with a sense of resolve and arenewed confidence in her ability to make sound decisions. She gained theability to forgive herself and move forward without regret. Alas, viewers willhave to wait a while to find out where Kara’s story will go from there. Supergirl, which typically airs new episodes on Sundays at 9p.m., is taking a break for a week. 

What will replace all-new episodes of ‘Supergirl’ onMarch 1?

Fans will have to settle for an encore of Season 5 Episode 10 ‘The Bottle Episode,’ on March 1. In the episode, Supergirl and crew must deal with the aftermath of Crisis. Now that the multiverse has been rebooted, all of the Arrowverse heroes exist in one universe on Earth-Prime. But, because of the events of Crisis, millions ceased to exist, history was rewritten, and the consequences are vast.

One such issue that Kara must deal with in ‘The Bottle Episode,’ is that supervillain Lex Luthor now owns the D.E.O. As far as the world is concerned, Luthor is a champion of the people and an ally to Supergirl. Thanks to  J’onn J’onzz’s Martian psychic powers, the heroes know the truth. They must now navigate the new reality with the rest of the world none the wiser. 

When will new episodes of ‘Supergirl’ return?

According to tvguide.com, Supergirl will return with a new episode on Sunday March 8 at9 p.m. on The CW. Episodecalendar.com reports that Season 5 Episode 14 will kick offa short 2-week streak, with Episode 15 airing the following Sunday. Then theshow will take another breather on March 22 before swooping back in on March 29with Season 5 Episode 16, ‘Alex in Wonderland.’ Fans can expect to see muchmore of the season’s story arc unfold throughout the back end of the season.

What will happen in ‘Supergirl’ Season 5 Episode 14?

Supergirl Season 5 Episode 14, titled ‘The Bodyguard,’ will likely deal with more post-Crisis fallout. “When I feel anxious, I wanna punch things,” Kara says in the episode promo as she brings her A-game to battle baddies and to protect others. The episode promises to deliver plenty of popcorn-worthy action and some emotional hits.

In the previous episode, Kara confronted Lena, vowed tostop apologizing for past decisions, and put Ms. Luthor on notice that shewould not receive special consideration if she aligns with her maniacal brotherLex. With any luck, the audience will have an opportunity to see Lena and Karaface off again soon.

‘The Bodyguard’ may also push forward the story of Alex’snew partnership with J’onn. Now that she has quit the D.E.O. in favor ofbecoming a civilian P.I., the storyline possibilities for the character areboundless. It remains to be seen how the D.E.O will hold up now withoutDirector Danvers to keep an eye on Lex.

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