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MARCELLA is back for a third series and in a break from the first two series, it is set in Belfast.

But where exactly was it filmed? We've got the full lowdown on Marcella's filming locations…

Larchfield Estate

The enormous mansion owned by the Maguire family is filmed on Larchfield Estate, just outside Lisburn.

The series' location manager Chris Myers told Larchfield Estate's website: "Season 3 was shot between March and July 2019 with Larchfield House and Estate as the key location.

"The first task for myself and our extraordinary production designer Gillian Devenney was to give our director and producers options for our key location where we would spend most of our shoot days. A mansion… Home to a seemingly respectable, successful family whose dark secrets will form part of the story.

"This of course led us to Larchfield Estate. You come through the gate, take in the parkland and your eye is drawn to the house in the distance. A beautiful period building, large enough to suggest the status of our story’s resident family but not so daunting in scale as to be unimaginable as a home."

Stormont Hotel

Belfast's Stormont hotel was used to film some of the scenes in season three.

The 4-star hotel is just minutes away from Belfast City and has a glass facade.

Rooms are available from £40 per night.

Belfast City centre

Some action also took place at City Hall and St Anne's Square in Belfast City centre.

In one scene, Marcella dashes through St Anne's Square.

City Hall is the civic building of Belfast City Council and is a Grade A listed building.

Belfast docks

The famous Belfast docks were also used to film some scenes in season three.

Belfast harbour is home to Harland and Wolff, who built the RMS Titanic, so is a major tourist destination for anyone visiting the area.

Anna Friel told Belfast Live: "We shot down by the docks. But the thing is, there's so many shows shooting in Belfast at the moment – thank goodness! – that because of that, we had to find locations which weren't too recognisable from other shows."

Woodgate Aviation

One of the final scenes of the show is filmed at Woodgate Aviation's hangar at Belfast International Airport.

Woodgate revealed: "A small sequence in season three of the ITV cop drama Marcella was filmed on the floor of our hangar nineteen months ago.

"Reason enough why we’ll be glued to our TV screens next Tuesday (26) for the first two episodes of the gripping eight-part series which features the hugely talented Anna Friel."

What is Marcella and who does Anna Friel play?

Marcella (pronounced March-ella) is a London-set crime drama series written by Swedish novelist Hans Rosenfeldt, who also penned The Bridge.

Anna Friel plays Detective Sergeant Marcella Backland, a troubled character who in the first series became a suspect and a witness in the murder case she was trying to solve.

In season three, Marcella has been reborn as a blonde named Keira Devlin.

She is in Belfast, on a mission to infiltrate and expose the notorious Maguire family.

But as she becomes embroiled in the case her previous life, which she has tried so hard to supress, comes back in waves.

When is Marcella series three on ITV?

Marcella returned on Tuesday, January 26, at 9pm on ITV with a third series.

It has continued to air weekly, but if you can't wait that long you can watch the whole new series on ITV Hub, once the first episode has shown on TV.

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