Bizarre cloud over Alaskan mountains probed over fears it's a Russian weapon or UFO as glowing light spotted

A BIZARRE cloud over Alaska's Lazy Mountain sparked a probe following fears it could have been a Russian weapon or UFO.

Pictures of the mystery grey and while plume circulated on Facebook on Thursday, prompting some to believe it was aliens or a meteor.

The cloud gathered so much attention that Alaska State Paratroopers and the Alaska Rescue Coordination Center began investigation for a possible plane crash.

A chopper and rescue crew were sent out to survey the area but found "nothing suspicious… nor signs of crashed aircraft".

That didn't stop theories running wild online.

"We saw this on the way to school this morning as well. Very eerie!" one user wrote on the Alaska Buzz Facebook page.


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"Looks like a meteor. I wonder where it landed," another said.

"Could it be a satellite? It’s so strange," wrote a third.

"No wings," noted a fourth.

But US officials provided a more mundane explanation for the bizarre phenomenon, revealing it was actually a contrail from a commercial jet.

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"Further investigation revealed that a large commercial jet was flying in that area around the time that the photos and video were taken," officials said.

"The aircraft was contacted and reported normal flight operations on its way to JFK airport in New York.

"Troopers believe that the photos and videos showed a contrail from the commercial jet combined with the rising sun which together caused the unique atmospheric sight."

It comes as the pilot who filmed one of the famed ‘Tic Tac’ UFO encounters revealed shock new details about the encounter to US senators.

Secret evidence given to lawmakers about a 2015 incident show the military man thought the craft was part of his training.

Heavily redacted statements about the incident were released to The Black Vault this week.

They read: "Towards the end of one of the night flights (redacted) was conducting during the at-sea period, he and his pilot detected an air contact via (redacted) coming from the east and heading towards the ship.

"Initially thinking it may be a simulated advisory aircraft as well part of the COMPTUEX scenario, he took a (redacted) lock to investigate further.

"The contact was at approximately (redacted)."

It goes on: "With a stable track file, the tow aircraft determined it was not a 'false hit' and they were able to gain a lock via the (redacted) which further indicated the vehicle had a (redacted).

"It became clear via (redacted) the pilot maneuvered the (redacted to maintain (redacted)."

Three videos – one taken in 2004 and two in 2015 – were leaked to The New York Times three years ago.

Pilot Chad Underwood shot the 2004 video which shows the USS Nimitz "Tic Tac" incident .

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That unfolded during carrier group exercises in the Pacific, off the coast of Mexico, with six pilots in total spotting the strange sight.

They described seeing a "Tic Tac-shaped" object about 40 feet long hovering some 50 feet above the water.

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