Boy, 9, has heart attacks after bullies ‘beat him up and feed him urine’

A nine-year-old boy suffered two cardiac arrests in hospital after he was beaten up by bullies at school who reportedly made him eat a dessert mixed with urine.

According to the boy’s mother, Maria Fernanda Hernandez, her son was bullied at school by several of his classmates who beat him up and forced him to eat non-edible substances.

The incident took place at a school in the department of Santander in north-eastern Colombia.

Fernanda Hernandez said: “My son went to school and I gave him a lemon dessert that they mixed with pencil shavings, chalk, urine and saliva.

“They were not happy with that, they also beat him up. No one has explained anything to me.”

The boy was transferred to the Clinica Chicamocha hospital where he reportedly suffered two cardiopulmonary arrests and underwent surgery.

Fernanda Herandez said: “My son is very nervous, he suffered two cardiopulmonary arrests and now doctors are considering if they should operate on him a second time because he apparently has an intestinal obstruction.”

The mother also complained about the school reactions reaction to the incident, saying: “The teacher sent him home when she saw him sick, vomiting and with a temperature.

"They did not have the decency to call me, they did not want to cause a stir.”

The school has not made any official statements on the incident.

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