Brexiteer MPs on the warpath after No10 ditches plans to end all EU red tape this year | The Sun

BREXITEER MPs are on the warpath after No10 ditched plans to end all EU red tape this year.

They are upset because ministers have admitted they will be unable to shred all the rules we inherited from Brussels.

The PM had vowed to look at them all in his first 100 days to unleash our post-Brexit potential.

But only another 600 out of 4,000 EU laws will go by December 31 — on top of 1,000 already axed since we left in 2020.

An angry delegation of Brexiteers was last night set to complain to ministers and the chief whip.

Ex-Business Secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg, previously in charge of the Brexit bonfire, said: “This is an admission of administrative failure. The blob has triumphed.

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