Brit rapper Bugzy Malone ‘hurt after crashing motorbike into car’ as CCTV shows rider flying through air – The Sun

BRITISH grime rapper Bugzy Malone was badly hurt after crashing his quad bike in a high-speed road race, according to witnesses.

The artist reportedly came off his bike last night as he was filmed by pals from a car in Bury, Greater Manchester.

Bugzy, real name Aaron Davies, was thrown about four metres from his bike and left in a pool of blood after crashing into an Audi A4, witnesses said.

Footage showed the rapper – who has scored four top ten UK albums – in an orange jacket lying on the road following the smash – which took place during Britain's coronavirus lockdown.

It is not yet known what condition the rapper is in as stunned fans expressed their shock on social media.

Brothers Waqas Mahmood, 34, and Shahbaz Arif Mahmood, 28, bravely rushed to help the Manchester MC.

Waqas told Sun Online: “There was a person lying on the road. He was on his own.

"He had an orange jacket on. We rang the ambulance and carried on talking to him until the ambulance service and police came.

"The car and the quad had an accident, the car was smoking. It was parked in the middle of the road.

"It's a residential road that leads onto the motorway. We saw the driver. He was out of the car and on his phone to the police.

"He was not injured. The person who had the accident told me his name was Aaron Davies.


"He flew off his motorbike.

"I zipped his jacket so he had a bit more breathing space and told him, 'Don't move.'

"The only advice the paramedics gave us was to apply pressure on his head. He’s lucky he’s got away with it.

"He tried getting up and he couldn’t. It was his leg. He was bleeding from his head and his nose.

"He told me his name, he told me he was 29 years old he told me where he lives.

"I asked him if he wanted to call anybody and he said yes, his partner. He unlocked his phone and I told her he had had an accident and it was not life threatening and she could come down.

"She was there within 20 minutes. She was shocked.”

Video taken before the crash showed Bugzy revving up the quad bike and laughing with pals before speeding past his friends' car.

Waqas, a local shopkeeper who was selflessly working during the Covid-19 lockdown, added: “He was asking me, ‘What happened?’.

“I said, ‘I’m not sure what happened. You’ve been involved in an accident’. He was more concerned with how his injuries were.

“I said, ‘The main thing is you’re alive buddy’.

Waqas bravely stepped forward to help despite government orders that Brits should avoid each other during the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

He said: “I had to go and see if he was alright.

“The bike was smashed. One of the wheels had come off. The car was a write-off.

“It was a massive impact."

Following the crash last night, YouTuber KSI said to his 5.5million Twitter followers: "I'm praying for you fam."

Rapper Chip said: "Prayers out to @TheBugzyMalone from the most sincere place in my heart and soul. Hope he pulls through."

DJ and producer Snips wrote: "I hope Bugzy Malone is okay. Hope he makes a speedy recovery."

And DJ Semtex told his 80,000 followers: "Praying for Bugzy Malone and his family. He’s a warrior, absolute Spartan, if anyone can recover from this @ TheBugzyMalone can."

Sun Online has contacted Greater Manchester Police for details of the crash.

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