Coronavirus ‘state of emergency’ declared in New York as cab driver case prompts 40 medical workers to self-quarantine – The Sun

A cab driver is the latest New Yorker to test positive for the deadly coronavirus, a development that led 40 medical workers to self-quarantine and preceded an official 'state of emergency' declaration.

It wasn't immediately clear if the 33-year-old Queens cab driver was the operator of a ride share vehicle or one of the numerous yellow cabs clogging the city's streets, the New York Times reported.

The cabbie is officially the 76th identified case of coronavirus in New York.

Earlier Saturday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared an official 'state of emergency,' allowing the Empire State access to additional funds to help in the fight to contain the virus.

He visited a Queens emergency room Tuesday with flu-like symptoms, but he left the hospital for a period because he wasn't diagnosed immediately with coronavirus.

He returned, however, when his condition worsened, according to the Times.

The delay in diagnosis led to more than 40 hospital staff members initiating a self-quarantine to try to prevent the spread from going further. The cabbie was also quarantined.

The hospital staffers in isolation reportedly include doctors and nurses, forcing the hospital to scramble to try to fill highly demanding shifts for a two-week period immediately.

“The hospital will need to replace those people temporarily," Councilman Donovan Richards Jr. told the Times.

He added: "They will need money to do that. They need supplies. We need to keep the health care up and running.”

The virus has been rapidly spreading across the nation, resulting in such extremes as the NBA considering playing games in front of no fans and the popular South by Southwest festival in Texas, otherwise known as SXSW, being cancelled due to coronavirus fears.

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