Coronavirus will kill Brits warns medical chief as two more cases confirmed and NHS declares highest level of emergency – The Sun

DEADLY coronavirus will kill a number of Brits as the spread of the virus gathers pace, the chief medical officer has warned.

England and Wales' Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty today said the UK will see a "significant number" of coronavirus cases and "some deaths".

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He said a "sensible" forecast for the NHS and businesses to plan towards is up to 20 per cent of Britain's work force being sick at one time.

Two new cases in Scotland have brought the total number of confirmed cases in the UK to 53, with a peak expected in 'months rather than weeks'.

Professor Whitty said: "It is almost certain there will be more cases, probably a lot of cases, and we would expect some deaths.

"It's when it's going from person to person to person and then we pick it up – that's what we mean by community transmission.

"It is likely that will be happening, if not now, but soon. I think it's likely to be happening at the moment, not definite."

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