Crime fell by 25 per cent in England and Wales in last month of coronavirus lockdown – The Sun

CRIME has dropped by 25 per cent in the last four weeks of lockdown – but domestic abuse has continued to rise.

New figures show incidents recorded to police in England and Wales have fallen as Brits are confined to their homes.

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But the drastic measures mean there has been a four per cent rise in domestic abuse cases – up from one per cent last month.

More than 300 emergency workers have also been attacked in one month of lockdown – with 660 coronavirus-related charges brought in total compared to the same period last year.

Head of the CPS, Max Hill, told the Commons Justice Committee, said the body was "starting to see" an increase in domestic abuse cases.

But he said reports of a surge in calls to the helpline did not necessarily mean an increase in reports of crimes taking place.

He said: "Those callers were very sensibly either checking on their own account, or on behalf of relatives, 'what do we do if things get worse?' Calling a helpline is not the same as a report of crime.

"There are certain types of crime happening less frequently because of lockdown but there are indications that there are some areas where we are going to have to maintain our focus and vigilance, and domestic abuse is right up there."


He has vowed domestic abuse cases are among those being treated "as a priority".

Mr Hill said: "We are as alarmed as anybody by the very difficult position that, in the main, women are put in, particularly in some communities, in enforced lockdown.

"It is very important that we say publicly that we are there to deal with those cases."

Mr Hill said there were also 142 incidents of criminal damage, 99 public order offences, 62 common assaults and 44 shoplifting offences despite the fall in overall crime.

The CPS charged 420 people in total for sickening attacks on police and the NHS – including lockdown louts who spat at and even bit hero workers.

There have also been assaults on NHS staff from people trying to steal their identification to use it to nab discounts at stores across the nation for medical workers.

Further figures on the latest crime drop are due to be released later today.

It comes after statistics last month revealed total recorded offences – excluding fraud – dipped by 28 per cent year-on-year in the four weeks leading up to Easter Sunday.

And there were also huge drops in house burglaries (37 per cent), rape (37 per cent) and violent crime and robbery (both 27 per cent) The shutdown of most shops, apart from the likes of supermarkets and pharmacies, saw shoplifting offences sink by a staggering 54 per cent.

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