Dog barks at owner as she pretends she cannot see him

Hilarious moment Chico the dog barks and tries to get his owner’s attention as she pretends she cannot see him

  • Chico the Chiweenie – Chihuahua Dachshund mix – was filmed in the Philippines
  • Chico’s owner call for the perplexed pooch as he sits right behind her in the clip
  • The owner continues the ruse by looking around and calling out the dog’s name

An owner baffled her beloved pooch by pretending the dog was invisible.

The owner filmed Chico the Chiweenie – a Chihuahua and Dachshund mix – frantically barking for attention in Cebu in the Philippines.

The clip shows Chico’s owner call for the perplexed pooch as he sits behind her.

The filmer introduces the clip by saying: ‘So this is the ignoring Chico challenge’. 

Chico’s owner looks around calling the hound’s name as the dog rubs his head against her arm before letting out two defiant barks.

The owner pokes her head over the side of the bed as the dog runs over – desperate to prove that he’s there. 

The owner looks underneath the bed as the defiant pooch jumps up on her – determined to make himself notice.

The dog continues to bark and pat its owner on the arm with its paws as she looks around.

The hound’s barks get more and more frantic as it hops between the chair and the bed before the owner finally gives in.

She scoops up her pup into her arms as Chico finally calms down.

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