Don Jr accuses ‘Biden family of being as corrupt as Hillary’ after Hunter had $450k tax debt resolved in 6 days

DONALD Trump Jr has accused the Biden family of being as corrupt as the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

His comments came after Joe Biden's son Hunter reportedly settled a $450,000 tax debt within six days last month, according to a new report.

Donald Trump Jr, who is one of his father’s most prominent campaign surrogates, retweeted an article on Monday with a comment ripping Hunter Biden.

His tweet reads: "Hunter Biden hit with a 450k lien! Barely a peep in the media! Biden family gives Hillary Clinton a run for her money when it comes to corruption."

According to Washington Free Beacon reported Monday, Hunter was slapped with the hefty lien of $453,890 on July 9 by the District of Columbia for unpaid state income taxes.

Just six days later on July 15, Hunter was able to “resolve” the bill despite having no clear job and claiming that he was broke.

It’s unclear how Hunter was able to pay off the nearly half-a-million-dollar debt so quickly, but tax expert Harvey Bezozi told the Free Beacon that this can only happen if a lien is paid off in full or the lien is proven to have been erroneously filed.

Hunter Biden’s financial woes were made public last year when he was sued by Arkansas woman Lunden Alexis Roberts over child support payments.

Hunter eventually agreed to pay monthly child support to Roberts in a temporary settlement reached just days before he was scheduled for a mandatory court appearance earlier this year to explain why he hadn't provided financial documents in his ongoing paternity case.

Last year, the public became familiar with Hunter Biden's name in connection with events leading to President Trump’s impeachment.

President Trump was accused of improperly withholding military aid to pressure Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Burisma Holdings, an energy company where Biden had a seat on the board.

Trump also requested Ukraine to investigate Hunter on business dealings in Ukraine and ordered for "everything" to be withheld unless Ukraine promised to probe Joe Biden’s son, a top US diplomat has told the impeachment inquiry.

The Democrat-held House of Representatives then impeached Trump on two charges – abuse of power and the obstruction of Congress.

But to remove President Trump, senators from the Republican Party would have needed to turn against the president at his trial, which didn't happen.

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