Everything You Need to Know About the Voting Age — And the Movement to Lower It

As the presidential election continues to build, it’s hard to miss the political surveys, ads, and campaign promises that seem to turn the whole entire world into one big splash of red, white, and blue. Gen Z is especially oversaturated with political information, from conversations with their friends and families, to more unconventional sources like TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. But despite establishing themselves as political forces — by emptying out rallies, starting global movements, and even becoming political icons themselves — the younger members of this generation are still denied one of the most powerful mechanisms of change: a vote.

It’s not uncommon for people under the age of 18 to be written off as unprepared for a responsibility like voting, but members of Gen Z have shown that they have a voice and they want to use it. The question then becomes: Are we willing to let them? To help you land on an answer, POPSUGAR talked to experts, activists, and passionate young people across the country to further unpack the significance of the voting age and the movement to lower it (or not).

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