Female cop fights a MOUNTAIN LION with her bare hands before it is shot dead by her colleagues – The Sun

A SHOCKING video has captured the moment a Colorado cop fought off a wild mountain lion with her bare hands.

The beast was shot dead after it attacked the officer and a civilian in Loveland on Wednesday afternoon.

The officer managed to stop the beast from plunging its claws into her neck and both victims were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Resident Gregory Scott Paul said he came out of his home when he heard police sirens and he saw the lion and the deputy go head to head.

"It lunged at the lady deputy from about 10 feet away.

"She put her arm up and it got her on the right shoulder.

"Luckily she did that cause if not it probably would have gotten her right on the neck," he said to The Coloradoan.

In the clip, the Larimer County Sheriff's Office deputy pushes the lion off her body and puts her arms out to swipe its snout away from her face.

Then a nearby officer kicks the cat causing it to scamper away.

Officers then shot at the lion as it ran off towards the nearby river.

The mountain lion moved east across the river but was hunted and fatally shot by Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials on Black Crow Road near Highway 34.

Parks front office manager Jennifer Hall said that the mountain lion came within four feet of employees working by the river.


She was in her golf cart when she saw four or five officers draw their guns and fire.

“I just immediately started freaking out because you hear gun shots and you think maybe it was a resident,” Hall said.

At least three people were attacked by mountain lions in Colorado last year.

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