Five more New York coronavirus cases confirmed, bringing state total to 11

A friend of coronavirus-afflicted lawyer Lawrence Garbuz has tested positive for the disease — along with the friend’s wife, two sons and daughter — bringing the total number of confirmed cases in New York State to 11, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday.

“There was another person who is being tested who came in contact with a 50-year-old lawyer, a friend of the lawyer who spent time in close proximity in a number of situations,” said Cuomo in a press briefing, referring to the friend.

“We then tested that person’s wife, two sons and daughter, and they all tested positive,” said Cuomo, revealing the five new cases.

The exact conditions of those five new patients were not immediately specified, but all are quarantined in their home, Cuomo said.

The family also has a second daughter, who tested negative, Cuomo said.

After a health-care worker was confirmed as the Empire State’s first case on Sunday, Garbuz, who has an office near Grand Central, was identified as the second patient on Tuesday.

Officials since announced that Garbuz’s 20-year-old son, a Yeshiva University undergrad, was infected, as well as his wife, his 14-year-old daughter, plus a neighbor, who drove Garbuz to the hospital.

Disease detectives are working to find out who else those affected may have had contact with, and approximately 1,000 people are now either under mandatory or self-imposed quarantine across Westchester after possible contacts with the web of patients.

“This is the most complex case we’ve had in terms of the the number of interactions,” said Cuomo.

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