Ghislaine Maxwell ‘giggled like a schoolgirl’ after performing sex act on George Clooney', Virginia Giuffre claims

GHISLAINE Maxwell giggled "like a schoolgirl" after performing oral sex on George Clooney at a showbiz event, Virginia Giuffre has said.

The claims were made in the manuscript of a book by Giuffre, a victim of alleged abuse carried out by Maxwell and paedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein, that was unsealed along with other court documents by a New York judge last week.

Giuffre spent around two years working for Epstein as a travelling masseuse after being approached by Maxwell and introduced to Epstein in the summer of 2000.

Maxwell, a one-time girlfriend of Epstein, is currently awaiting trial on charges of enticement of minors, sex trafficking of children, and perjury over her alleged involvement in Epstein's crimes, though denies wrongdoing.

In the book, Giuffre recalls that, during the time she spent with the pair, Maxwell "loved to brag about her rendezvous with various lovers".

"One she came back giddy as a schoolgirl with an explosion of news, with all the build up and excitement in her voice you'd think she was the next crown princess," Giuffre writes.

"But she had given George Cooney a b*****b in the bathroom at some random event.

"She never let that one down."

It is not clear when the incident purportedly occurred.

There is no suggestion of any involvement by Clooney in underage sex, Epstein's crimes, or other wrongdoing of any kind.

The 139-page exposé, titled The Billionaire Playboy's Club, was originally submitted to the court as part of a defamation case brought by Roberts against Maxwell in 2015.

The case was settled in 2017 before it reached trial but, while more than 2000 pages of evidence were released, around 900 court filings remained under seal or redacted.

Roberts had requested the release of some of the documents for use in separate civil lawsuits.

Maxwell fought the release of five documents in particular on the grounds they contained "extremely personal” information.

Maxwell is being held in New York after being denied bail following her arrest at the start of last month.

Her trial is due to begin in July 2021, and she faces 35 years in prison if convicted.

Representatives for George Clooney have been approached for comment.

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