Girl smashes teen boy over the head with a shoe drawing blood

Shocking moment furious girl smacks teenager in the face with the heel of her SHOE – leaving him with blood running down his face

  • A man was hit on the street by a girl brandishing a white high heel shoe
  • The victim was smashed in the face in the incident on a street in Birmingham
  • Footage show the youth bleeding heavily from a large gash above his right eye 

This is the shocking moment a furious girl almost blinded a youth when she battered him with the heel of her shoe.

Footage shows the unnamed girl, who was wearing a short black dress, black hat and holding the pair of white block heels, standing bare-footed with her friends.

She appears to be arguing with the young man in a Birmingham street while their friends, who also appear to be teenagers, goad her before she lashes out.

Witnesses said the young man was ‘battered’ by the young woman brandishing a white high heel shoe on a Birmingham street. The victim was left with a deep gash over his right eye

This is the moment a young barefoot woman brandishes a white high heel shoe at a young man who was standing on a Birmingham street

She appears to be arguing with the youth while their friends goad her before she lashes out 

The clip shows her suddenly lift up the shoe and smash it down on the man’s forehead before storming off.

The shocked man is seen with a deep gash above his right eye while blood pours down his face.

One onlooker said: ‘It was brutal. The lad and the girl started arguing but suddenly she took one of her clumpy shoes and battered him over the head.

‘He could’ve been blinded. She didn’t seem bothered and just walked off laughing with her mates.’

It is not clear when the attack happened but is thought to have taken place on Hurst Street near Birmingham’s Hippodrome.

West Midlands Police said they have not received any reports of an assault at that location over the past three weeks.  

A witness filmed the confrontation between the pair, although the reason for the disagreement is not known 

The young girl and her friend were both barefoot during the confrontation in Birmingham 

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