Hillary Clinton says Bill is ‘a romantic’ who often buys her flowers after he describes Lewinsky affair as therapy – The Sun

HILLARY Clinton praised her "romantic and "sensitive" husband on Thursday night – hours after Bill Clinton revealed he cheated on her with a White House intern to "manage his anxieties."

She said the former president is able to charm her in a special way during an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live.

"He is so romantic and so sensitive that I will come home sometimes and he'll have flowers for me because he knows I had a bad day," she said.

"He's really so thoughtful."

The revealing interview comes after Bill Clinton spoke about his affair with Monica Lewinsky in a new documentary about his wife titled Hillary.

Bill lifts the lid on his fling with the White House intern and claims the extramarital relationship turned out to be a kind of therapy.

He said it was something he did to “manage his anxieties."

Bill Clinton revealed the pair underwent “painful” marriage counselling after his affair.

His relationship with Lewinsky in the 1990s nearly brought down his presidency, and the public backlash resulted in her feeling like "the most humiliated woman in the world".

And he has now recalled the moment he told his wife “exactly what happened” and said he “felt terrible about it”, according to a clip published by DailyMail.com.

Clinton said: “I went and sat on the bed and talked to her. I told her exactly what happened, when it happened. I said I feel terrible about it.

“She said you have to tell your daughter. She said that's worse than me. So I did that, which was awful.”

When asked why he cheated, Clinton revealed the pressures of being inside the White House led him wanting a distraction.

He said: “You feel like you're staggering around, you've been in a 15 round prize fight that was extended to 30 rounds and here's something that will take your mind off it for a while, that's what happens.

“Everybody's life has pressures and disappointments, terrors, fears of whatever.

“Things I did to manage my anxieties for years. I'm a different, totally different person than I was, a lot of that stuff 20 years ago.

“Maybe it's just getting older but I hope it was also going through a lot of this.

“But whatever, what I did was bad but it wasn't like – how can I think about the most stupid thing I could and do it.

“It's not a defense, it's an explanation. I feel awful.”

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