Horrifying moment ‘elderly Asian woman gets kicked in the face by teenagers while waiting for the bus’ – The Sun

THIS is the heartbreaking moment an elderly Asian woman is kicked in the head by a vile group of teenagers.

In the clip, which is currently sickening the world via social media, the teen thugs surround the woman who is minding her own business at a bus stop.

The sickening assault is believed to have happened in Minneapolis or the St Paul area based on the bus stop design and the video capturing the crime was posted on the Instagram page Jackfroot yesterday.

The person filming is heard saying "you won’t", seemingly egging on the teen in the red hoodie. 

But the hooded teen needs little encouragement because he then jumps up and kicks the woman in the face.

As the woman toppled backwards, the person filming arrogantly responds to the horrifying attack by dubbing his pals "crazy boys". 

Amused by the attack on the defenseless old woman, the group then ran away sniggering.

Facebook user Zong Winchester, who posted the video, said the culprit has been identified and the incident has been reported to the police.

She said: “I messaged the kid. 

"He is scared for his safety and begged me to not report him to the cops. Also begged to take down the post."

Police are now investigating.

A statement released to website Netshark said: “We were unaware [of the situation] before it hit social media. 

“Our investigators are working right now trying to piece together where it happened, what happened, how it happened.”

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