I have the world's longest legs that are almost same height as Danny DeVito – I have OnlyFans at 19 for specific reason

THIS towering teen is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the woman with the world's longest legs – with her lofty limbs almost measuring up as tall as the beloved actor Danny Devito.

Maci Currin, 19, is the proud current holder of two world records – longest female legs and longest teenage legs – and the impressive feat has earned her legions of followers on social media.

Standing at six-foot-ten, Maci's legs make up for 60 percent of her overall height. Her right leg measures up at 134.3cm, and her left leg is 135.36cm – just under 12cm shorter than Danny Devito, who is 147cm tall.

Rather than attempt to hide from the spotlight, Maci has embraced her willowy frame and the attention it brings her, using her TikTok and Instagram accounts to share messages of body positivity to her audience of almost two million followers.

Maci, of Cedar Park, Texas, told The US Sun she initially started her TikTok page as a joke, but after one of her videos racked up a staggering 36.1million views, she felt compelled to use her newfound platform for good.

"Since [my video went viral], my family encouraged me to make posts about my height and experiences," she said.

"Through posting, I learned self-love, self-acceptance and I wanted to try to show that being tall isn't as bad as people make it out to be."


The benefits of being so tall are "limited", Maci admits, and it certainly doesn't come without its challenges.

While her height allowed her to excel in sports such as basketball and volleyball growing up, Maci said as a young child she was sometimes subjected to bullying or ridicule and even now often catches strangers secretly taking pictures of her in public.

Finding clothes can also be a difficult challenge, with much of her wears having to be custom-made to cater to her elongated frame.

"The world isn't built for taller people and sometimes it is annoying. I feel like everything is built for one size, 'the ideal size,'" she said.

"When people approach me [in public] it's either to ask me about my height or to get a photo with me.

"I really don't mind answering their questions, they're just curious. The only thing I don't like is when people take photos of me without my permission.

"It's almost a breach of privacy – and they ain't even slick about it."

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For the majority of her school years, Maci said she was "accepted" for who she was by her classmates and peers.

However, it's online where she said she's received the most "hate."

"I have gotten a lot of 'hate' through social media," she said.

"When I first started TikTok it would bother me, but as I got older I realized why should I care what random people say about me over the internet.

"I'm never going to meet them, they don't know anything about me."

Instead, Maci said she started ignoring all the negative comments and decided to focus only on the positive.

And plenty of positives there are.


Since her page took off during the pandemic, Maci said countless people have reached out to her for advice regarding body positivity, sharing their own stories of struggle.

In one touching interaction, Maci said she received a letter from a little girl who was only around five years old but already growing at an exceptional rate.

The girl and her mother both wrote to Maci, with the youngster even drawing a picture of them together, standing side-by-side.

Calling the correspondence "really sweet", Tik Tok isn't the only platform Maci is utilizing to change perceptions and preach the powers of self-acceptance and body positivity.

The Texan also recently launched an account on the adult content subscription website OnlyFans.

"I just want to prove that tall girls like myself can be as conventionally attractive as anyone else," Maci explained.

"I just want people to accept themselves for who they are and embrace their uniqueness."


Maci is currently unemployed but hopes to become a full-time content creator and model.

She is also currently single, but by choice, insisting she isn't short of suitors despite being far taller than the average man.

"There are a lot of people who like tall girls, dating isn't difficult," she said. "I just choose to not date at the moment."

Maci has held her two Guinness World Records for two years now, having applied for the record shortly after being measured for a custom pair of leggings when she was 17.

When it was discovered her legs accounted for more than half of her body, she started doing some research online.

Maci then submitted an application to Guinness World Records, which confirmed she beat the previous record-holder — a woman in Russia.


Doctors always believed Maci would be tall, but she has long since surpassed their wildest estimations.

Maci comes from a relatively tall family: her dad is six-foot-five, her brother is six-foot-three, and her mom is five-foot-seven.

When she was in elementary school, it was predicted that Maci would grow up to be as tall as six-feet-four – a foot taller than the average height for a woman in the US – but she shot past that estimate in just the 7th grade.

She first noticed she was head-and-shoulders above her peers in preschool and claims not to have had a single growth spurt, rather growing consistently by 4-5 inches each year.

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While she once referred to landing her world records as "life-changing", Maci told The US Sun she actually doesn't believe the awards have "changed my life at all, to be honest."

"People idolize me online, sure, but if I go out to dinner no one knows who I am," she said.

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