Inside chilling house of horrors where serial killer fan and boyfriend dismembered woman after pub session

THIS is the chilling house of horrors where a serial killer fan and his boyfriend sawed a woman into 12 pieces after a pub trip.

Sadistic Nathan Maynard-Ellis, 25, and David Leesley bludgeoned Julia Rawson, 42, to death with a rolling pin in Tipton, West Mids.

The fiends then chopped her up into a dozen pieces using a hacksaw and placed her mutilated body in bin bags to dump along a canal.

Harrowing pictures released today show the macabre lair created by horror film fanatic Maynard-Ellis.

The home was filled with stuffed creatures, snakes and “gory” home-made masks.

A creepy Chucky doll holding a knife can also be seen nestled among doll heads and severed hands.

Maynard-Ellis also collected newspaper clippings and books about serial killers, and horror films featuring decapitation and necrophilia.

Both men were today found guilty of murder following a trial at Coventry Crown Court.

They were also convicted of concealment, destruction or disposal of a body and perverting the course of justice.

Maynard-Ellis was also found guilty of rape, attempted rape and threats to kill against another woman.

Jurors heard how on May 11 last year, Julie had spent the evening with an ex-girlfriend but caught the wrong bus home and ended up in the Bottle And Cork pub in Dudley.

She then approached Maynard-Ellis, who had seen psychiatrists about his sexually violent fantasies, and they started chatting before piling into a taxi together at around 2am.

Julia was a lesbian but was sometimes "flirtatious" with men while drunk, prosecutor Karim Khalil QC said.

He added: "Before they arrived at the flat it's unlikely that Julia would have known that Nathan Maynard-Ellis was a homosexual.

"She would also not have known that his boyfriend was in the flat.

"Furthermore, Julia could not have known that she was about to enter a 'flat of horrors' – but she must have realised this very soon after she went in.

"One can only imagine the sense of panic that it might have created in her."

Once inside, Julia was battered over the back of the head four times with a rolling pin before she was dismembered in the bath.

The pair then stuffed her body in plastic bags and may have removed her right kidney as a grisly trophy.

The next day the pair were caught on CCTV strolling along a nearby canal where they dumped the bags in undergrowth.

Evil Maynard-Ellis was then captured sharing jokes as he enjoyed a pint in the pub just hours later.

Meanwhile, Julia's family reported her missing and a huge search was launched.

Her butchered remains were finally discovered 47 days later behind Sacred Heart Primary School in Tipton.

Others were found a mile away on wasteland.

A post mortem revealed her hands were cut off at the wrists, her feet were cut off at the ankles and her legs were cut off below the hip.

Her arms were severed below the shoulders and her spine was cut through at waist level, while her head was cut off at the neck.

Maynard-Ellis and Leesley were finally caught on May 22 when a member of the public alerted police.

Bodycam footage showed an officer ask Maynard-Ellis: "We're looking for a woman who has been missing for about 11 days.

"We've checked CCTV and she is with someone who matches your description."

Maynard-Ellis laughs before saying: "I've probably chopped all my hair off though."

When he is asked if he knows Julia, he shakes his head repeatedly before saying: "The only people I know are my partner and his family."

Maynard-Ellis refused to tell officers his name before being arrested with Leesley.

At first, Leesley tried protecting his lover and claimed he was at home on the night Julia vanished.

Maynard-Ellis also spun a web of lies – denying it was him with Julia on the pub CCTV and insisting an existing mental health condition meant he could not remember the weekend.

But cops searching their home found bloodstains matching Julia's DNA after they ripped up a newly-laid carpet.

They also discovered a metal bin which had been used to burn Julia's blood-spattered clothes.

Nestled among the eerie horror movie masks, detectives also found violent films depicting images of decapitation and necrophilia.

A napkin where Julia had written her nickname 'Ju Ju' was then found in the bedside cabinet.

After the case, Julia's family said: "She was a talented artist and musician, with the ability to play by ear. Her drawings were shown at local art shows.

"Her death has had a devastating impact on us, the mutilation of her body and the callous way in which her remains were scattered has revolted us.

"We can only pray Julia knew nothing about these abhorrent acts.

"We are a close and loving family, clinging to each other in an attempt to support each other through this harrowing ordeal, but shall remain deeply affected and troubled by these events for the rest of our lives because Julia's loss is felt as keenly today as when we heard she had first gone missing."

The evil pair have been remanded in custody will be sentenced at a date yet to be fixed.

Speaking after the verdicts, Detective Inspector Jim Colclough said the victim's family had been left devastated.

The senior officer said: "Julia's family is really close-knit and really very private. It's clear Julia was a very talented artist, she was a good musician.

"She was a loving daughter and a loving sister. They are absolutely devastated by the whole trail of events that has taken place.

"I hope the result from court provides some form of closure at the very least for the family so that they can move on and carry their grief forward.

"It's been a terrible time and my heart really does go out to them."


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