Inside Kim Jong Un’s ‘tremendous’ Mar-a-Lago-style resort in North Korea

Remember when President Trump ditched New York and made Florida his official residence? North Korea analysts think leader Kim Jong Un has pulled the same move, Hermit Kingdom-style.

When it comes to Kim’s health, he’s likely still not dead, though he hasn’t been seen since May 1 when he visited a fertilizer factory. He may not even be sick, despite COVID-19. Turns out the Rocketman prefers his massive seaside estate in Wonsan as much as Trump loves Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach.

And size matters when it comes to presidential getaways. It certainly did to Dennis Rodman when he was feted by his “friend for life” Kim when he first visited Wonsan in 2013, calling it “like Hawaii or Ibiza, but he’s the only one who lives there.”

“You could fit six Mar-a-Lagos in Kim’s compound,” Michael Madden, an analyst with 38 North, a website about North Korea, told The Post. “It’s an amazingly beautiful place where the beaches are kept combed, there are yachts and dinner boats, everything you’d want in this enormous space.”

Kim’s got about 15 different villas scattered around the country as well as a lavish mansion in the heart of the capital, Pyongyang. But only his hideaway in Wonsan, in the province of Kangwon, has swimming pools, tennis courts, soccer fields, waterslides and a sports stadium all fronting east North Korea’s beautiful Sea of Japan’s beaches.

“The Kim family lives there in tremendous luxury while the Korean people suffer,” Sean King, an Asian expert at Park Strategies told the Post. “They are like an organized crime family masquerading as a nation state.”

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